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Lighthouse MASSIV and Copenhagen Fintech
collaborate for a better future!

The Lighthouse MASSIV Program brings together promising scale-ups that make social impact and contribute to the greater good. Lighthouse MASSIV is a partnership-focused accelerator, and we super-charge the most ambitious companies who want to globally scale their social impact via partnerships.

The Copenhagen Fintech Incubation program brings together early-stage entrepreneurs, to accelerate their journey of turning an idea into a business, using our partners and community as a platform for growth and learning. The theme of our first 2020 cohort is ‘Commercializing Impact’ where fintech meets sustainability.

At the end of each program, these companies pitch during a showcase aimed at investors, media, partners, and you. Interested to join your hosts, Mastercard Lighthouse and Copenhagen Fintech, for an action packed event?

Join our demo day and watch the most promising – social impact – companies pitch.

Starts Friday, May 29 at 1:00 PM

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Time Activity
13.00 Welcome from Lighthouse MASSIV and Copenhagen Fintech
13.15 Lighthouse MASSIV Companies Pitch
14.00 Copenhagen Fintech Companies Pitch
14.30 Copenhagen Fintech Final Remarks
14.40 MASSIV Finalists Announced
14.50 Closing and Virtual Networking

Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV Companies

A Copenhagen-based company that helps micro-businesses reach credit and market opportunities with a reputation score based on their behavior, so they don’t need a bank account. With a blockchain feature, groups are able to use the service without actual connectivity

A Stockholm-based software company that provides sustainability reporting software to SMEs, large corporates and private equity firms around the world, to help companies get better at measuring their sustainability


A Copenhagen-based financial services app that connects unbanked women and their savings groups in developing countries to the internet and, ultimately, the banking system


A Stavanger-based Climate Tech company that is specialized in restoring arid soil and desert sand into fertile land. Our patented product LNC (Liquid NanoClay) enables sandy soils to retain water and nutrients; making degraded land green again


A Stockholm-based micro-taxation platform that helps African governments connect to the informal sector, reducing the risk of collection and enabling sustainable growth via autonomous governments


A Helsinki-based security company that leases smartphones to African consumers and SMEs that do not have prior internet or credit history and cannot afford or lease smartphones

Copenhagen Fintech Incubation Companies

A Copenhagen-based company building the world´s most trusted social action platform, that will make sustainability action accessible for everyone. We are connecting everyday people with the most sustainable solutions and the most impactful actions they can take towards a sustainable future and an empowered life for all.

A Copenhagen-based software and IoT company that brings transparency and real-time automation to the CO2 market, while allowing small-scale decentralized solar installations in developing countries to monetize their emissions reductions

// Carbon Countable

A Copenhagen-based company providing a ready to use platform for SMEs to analyse supply chain carbon emissions and make data-driven decisions on their reduction.

// Betaling Danmark

A Copenhagen-based services for paying single and recurrent invoices. Every time an invoice is settled, we donate for climate, charity, and a sustainable local society.

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Interested to join our next program?

Mark your interest below and we will reach out once we open applications!
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