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Lighthouse program

Lighthouse FINITIV

Reasons to join

  • Through Lighthouse participants will be exposed to corporate partnerships
  • Companies have raised €210m+ during or immediately after Lighthouse
  • Lighthouse has generated over 3M media impressions though PR events and social media in its goal to raise our participant brand awareness
  • Cumulative program quality score is 9.1 scored by participants
  • Access to the 126+ Lighthouse alumni companies
  • Free consultation from fintech attorneys and growth advisors
  • Personal introductions to investors beyond NFT
  • All-expense-paid stage time at Slush or Money 20/20 for program finalists
  • Winner receives a sponsored invitation to Mastercard Start Path pitch day

Program overview

Lighthouse is a collaboration network that fosters symbiotic growth between banks, fintechs and Mastercard. The program takes place over three workshops that exist to bring partnership projects to life. The partnerships that make the most progress will be invited to continue the program for the final event, and the company that makes the greatest improvement overall will be declared the program winner.

2021 Fall edition 

The current situation is causing us to re-double our efforts on making the world a more prosperous and secure place. Now more than ever we need to build community across differences. Lighthouse is stepping up to support the ecosystem and you can be part of it! 

We are currently looking for companies tackling – but not exclusively – the following categories within Fintech:

Financial support

  • Lending, Insurances 


  • Authentication, Identity, Fraud

Market intelligence

  • Data Solutions, Risk management, Analysis, Insights 


  • Cross border, B2B, Commerce, P2P 


  • Banking as a service, AI, Blockchain, Digital enablement 


  • Merchant solutions, credit acceptance, IoT, Wearables, AR, Mobility

Financial Inclusion

  • Financial Inclusion, Corporate sustainability, Micro entrepreneur



You’re a fit if you’re “partnership ready” company, working on a relevant product space. To be part of the program, your company should also fit the following criteria: 


Proof of concept or commercially live product


Relevant to mastercard or its bank partners


At least 3 FTEs and a diverse team


Nordic or Baltic country, especially in a host city

If you fill in our eligibility criteria, please apply here.

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Interested to join our next program?

Mark your interest below and we will reach out once we open applications!
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