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Lighthouse Development Program (LDP)

Reasons to join

  • 73% of Lighthouse participants have created corporate partnerships
  • Companies have raised €30m during or immediately after Lighthouse
  • 300k+ media impressions generated per program
  • Cumulative program quality score is 9.2 scored by participants
  • Access to the 40+ Lighthouse alumni companies
  • Free consultation from fintech attorneys and growth advisors
  • Personal introductions to investors beyond NFT
  • All-expense-paid stage time at Slush or Money 20/20 for program finalists
  • Winner receives a sponsored invitation to Mastercard Start Path pitch day

Program overview

Lighthouse is a collaboration network that fosters symbiotic growth between banks, fintechs and Mastercard. The program takes place over three workshops that exist to bring partnership projects to life. The partnerships that make the most progress will be invited to continue the program for a fourth workshop, and the company that makes the greatest improvement overall will be declared the program winner.

our selection criteria

You’re a fit if you’re “partnership ready,” working on a relevant product space and have the desire to meet us in one of the Nordic or Baltic capitals.


Proof of concept or commercially live product


Relevant to mastercard or its bank partners


Three or more full time team members


Nordic or Baltic country, especially in a host city

Stronger together. We believe that fast-moving fintechs are uniquely positioned to complement the stable distribution of established players.

Time is valuable. We respect our participants’ time. The program strives to minimize travel and maximize the value of the in-person workshops.

Results matter. We measure ourselves on the percent of partnerships produced by the program. Last year, our success rate was 73%.

Generosity works. Giving gives us energy and powers partnership success. We challenge ourselves to give each day without seeking immediate returns.

Do well by doing good. We believe scalable solutions for sustinable and inclusive growth create a more secure future for everyone. Our program activley seeks out and supports fintechs working on these initiatives.