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The partnership journey continues for
Lighthouse program companies.

In times like this, there is a global call to think more like a startup.The last months have shown us the importance to come up with creative solutions that aim to disrupt the status quo and improve our day-to-day life. During the past weeks, our participants had the opportunity to experience the second step of our Lighthouse Program – also called for workshop 2. In this remote workshop, we witnessed some gears turning which brought our spring contestants one step closer to bringing their visions for a more efficient world to fruition.

Lighthouse’s main goal is to continue delivering value to our participants. That’s why workshop 2 is all about increasing our expertise by adding new partners to the program. We invited AWS to join us as our tech partner, new investors from outside our current markets to support companies in raising funds among other things and Mastercard’s Marketing and Communication team joined as experts to help companies in optimizing their pitches for investors and media. All 15 companies had the chance to meet 1:1 with each of the new partners that continued the support to startups in their growth journey.

Our creativity continued to be daily challenged by the current situation we find ourselves in. Thus, this workshop 2 was very much different not only from the first Spring 2020 workshop but also from any other workshop we did before.


This time, we hosted a – remote – plenary session for all participants in the different markets where new partners (experts) had the chance to briefly present themselves and more on their business and relation to start-up support. Our team also stepped-up and presented a pre-recorded introductory video (which you can see here 👉) to participants which added a high-quality element to what it used to be a conventional conference call. In addition, as the workshop day was fully remote we once again used Wolt for Business to deliver meals to our companies and partners ⭐️

A big thank you to the new partners added in this Lighthouse chapter!

We couldn’t be happier with the results and hard work form all the participants in this workshop.

So, what’s next?

Lighthouse’s main goal is to continue adding value to our participating companies and partners. That is why in the second workshop of each program we offer participants a filming session with a production company to help highlight each company’s business, innovation, and participation at our Lighthouse programs.

We wanted to keep this as part of our activities even though circumstances are not easy at the moment. Thus, to be able to offer this to Lighthouse partners and companies, we hired a filming crew and a studio in each capital of the countries we currently host Lighthouse companies!

This week, companies and partners joined filming sessions in each of the Nordic & Baltic capitals to record their experience in the program and the outcomes that Mastercard Lighthouse is providing to the ecosystem. The results from the filming sessions will be shared with our network soon – so keep your eyes peeled.

Our next workshop will happen in August. On that day, all companies and partners will be able to meet in person as we’ll bring everybody together in Tallinn. Until then, we have exciting activities coming up and can’t wait to start sharing them with everyone. We look forward to continuing working and engaging with our Danish, Estonian, and Norwegian Lighthouse classes and are excited to see the early progress of collaborations between startups and partners after two remote workshops.

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