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Highlighting Nordic and Baltic Fintech

We have now closed out the “series 1” workshops in the Lighthouse Development Program, and it has been very rewarding to see how much progress the 15 participating companies have made. Each company has started to develop projects for Mastercard and the participating banks, some have gone into the investment process with NFT Ventures, and many have been able to find ways to work together! It has been a great experience thus far, and now just 1 company from each city will be chosen to proceed to the next round of workshops.

As a way to celebrate the progress of the participating companies, we hosted open afterwork events following the second workshops. We met many new exciting startups and engaged with members of the Nordic and Baltic fintech communities. To offer more insight into what is happening in Nordic and Baltic fintech Susanne Hannestad presented her recently published 2018 Fintech Disruptor’s Report. Susanne participated in all of the workshop’s as a startup advisor and shared her takeaways.

“It was great working with the 15 fabulous Nordic and Baltic fintech companies in the Lighthouse program, who are ready for scaling and engaging in partnership with banks. According to the survey from our Nordic Fintech Disruptors Report 2018, 84% of respondents in the Nordic and Baltic market believe fintechs can help banks meet their growth goals. The Lighthouse program is a great example of a modern way for fintechs to engage with banks, investors, legal counsel, advisors, and Mastercard!” – Susanne Hannestad CEO of Fintech Mundi and Startup Advisor for Lighthouse 2018

You can download the full 2018 Fintech Disruptor’s Report here, for great statistics on Nordic and Baltic fintech. Also don’t forget to follow us on twitter for regular program updates and fintech news!

Written by Jay Jensen Lighthouse Program Manager +46 73 393 24 57

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