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Lighthouse Finalists Announced

The first series of workshops in the Lighthouse Development Program have concluded; a total of 15 startups, went through 6 workshops, in 3 cities, that brought together over 100 participants to explore opportunities for collaborative innovation. We are very proud of all of the companies that participated and of the tremendous progress that they were able to make in six weeks.


Four finalist companies have been chosen to continue through the final phase of the program based on the amount of progress they have made throughout the workshops and how innovative, impactful, and applicable their solutions are. We are pleased to announce the 4 finalists are Enfuce (FIN), Fidesmo (SWE), Ondato (LT), and Swiftcourt (SWE)

Enfuce Financial services is a forerunner in cloud-based financial services. Enfuce provides its customers with payment platforms that are fast to market, secure and easily scalable. All of this while still being Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and approved by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authorities.

Enfuce is a standout company not only because of their high level of innovation, but also because of their team’s expertise and ability to execute their strategy. They already have strong evidence of delivering real value for their partners with implemented solutions.

— Janne Antila, Senior Concept Manager Transaction Banking OP Bank

Fidesmo makes it possible to add payment and other contactless services, such as public transport tickets, office/hotel keys, and loyalty schemes, to a single card or wearable. The Swedish company provides a streamlined integration process for manufacturers to add contactless services to their devices and for contactless service providers to distribute their services without any hardware overhead to many devices.

Consumers have come to expect seamless payments solutions that are simple, convenient and secure. Through the Lighthouse workshops we have come to understand Fidesmo and believe their technology will change how people choose to pay in the future.

— Ted Scheiman, Senior Program Manager of Fintech Strategy Swedbank

Ondato provides the complete tool for KYC including shared database. We help companies from all over the world make reasonable decisions and manage risks from regulators, combining advanced automation with professional expertise.

Secure identity check, verification and onboarding is one of the cornerstones for digital services and society in general, during the Lighthouse program Ondato has shown their excellence in developing a real solution tackling this problem.

— Meelis Nurk, Head of Digital Strategy Cards and Payment Services at SEB

Swiftcourt helps buyers and sellers make safe P2P transactions with smart digital sales contracts, e-signing, and transaction-related add-on services. So far, Swiftcourt has helped over 90 000 buyers and sellers make over 45 000+ transactions in Scandinavia.

Swiftcourt has an exciting, scalable solution that fulfils the need of security in the booming p2p marketplaces. Regardless of their early stage, they have a dedicated team and their product have shown strong market traction. We are very pleased to see further progress in the company and how they become a secure, market standard when consumers selling and buying products online.

— Mats Taraldsson, Head of Digital Development and Fintech Engagements Mastercard Nordic and Baltic

The finalists will have the opportunity to go through two more deep dive workshops with all of the participating banks and Mastercard. Together we will continue to push the boundaries of financial innovation. The final winner of the Lighthouse Development Program will be announced at the official finance event of Slush “Finding Fintech”. Stay tuned for updates!

Written by Jay Jensen Lighthouse Program Manager +46 73 393 24 57

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