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Lighthouse program heading to Tallinn and Latitude 59

The first Lighthouse Development Program came to completion with a finale show at Slush where the Finnish fintech company Enfuce was crowned champion of 2018!

As we looked back one of the accomplishments we were not expecting but very proud of was the number of fintech companies in the program that were able to start projects together (6 if you’re counting). After two separate workshops in three cities, we are excited to see the early progress of collaborations between startups and partners. In order to stimulate even more fintech-fintech collaboration and for our partner banks to meet the fintech’s outside of their local class, we decided to bring everybody together for an action packed day that is workshop 3.

Workshop 3 will take place in Tallinn on May 15, followed by participation in Latitude59, one of the leading startup events in the Baltic region attracting 150 startups, 200 investors, and 2,500 attendees each year. Additionally, we are organizing the only fintech-focused side event with a Lighthouse branded booth. During the side event, all 15 companies from our Copenhagen, Oslo and Tallinn classes will take the stage to demonstrate their impactful and innovative product solutions.

Through this special arrangement of combining workshop with conference, we believe our fintech startups will get the chance to learn from each other, build meaningful relationships and interact with the broader startup communities.

If you plan to visit Latitude 59, please don’t forget to swing by our booth to meet the fintech startups and partner banks of Lighthouse and join our side event at 14.30-15.30 on May 16! See you in Tallinn!

For more information to the side event, please check:

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