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Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV 2023 Spring Program welcomes 15 game-changing Nordic and Baltic FinTech companies!

Mastercard Lighthouse has unveiled its 10th edition and handpicked 15 outstanding fintech and fintech enabler startups to participate in the Spring 2023 program. The Mastercard Lighthouse FINITIV program has already supported over 150 fintechs and fintech enabler companies and facilitated multiple partnerships between innovative startups, scaleups and our partner banks since its launch in 2018. With a focus on Denmark, Norway, and the Baltic markets for this edition, the program is designed to showcase and support the most promising startups and scaleups in the fintech industry.


Since its launch in 2018, Lighthouse FINITIV has been a catalyst for innovation in the Nordic and Baltic fintech industry. This year, in the midst of an economic downturn, the program is particularly focused on how fintech can support businesses and individuals during economically challenging times. Fintech has already proven to be a valuable tool in driving financial inclusion, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs, and Mastercard is committed to supporting innovation in the industry by facilitating partnerships through its Lighthouse program.

Lighthouse FINITIV’s goal is to strengthen the financial services industry across the region–and thus far, the Nordic and Baltic regions have made consistent contributions to innovation and growth within financial services industry and the broader commercial ecosystem.

Meet the Lighthouse FINITIV Spring Edition of 2023

Denmark edition:

2021.AI offers a dynamic AI Governance platform ensuring compliance with automated processes killing pen and paper.

Anyday A/S offers a buy-now-pay-later solution for online shopping, connecting merchants with shoppers.

Penly is developing a digital private banking service to help individuals, with average earnings, improve their economy.

Tjommi has built the shopping companion to shape the future of eCommerce leveraging auto price refunds post-purchase.

Uniify has a no-code customizable onboarding software, for obtaining and structuring financial data on B2B and B2C end users.


Celeri offers real time daily salaries and provides tools for personal economy.

Fygi turns the user’s mobile phone into a payment system, shoppers scan a store-specific QR code activating Fygi.

Goscore brings cross-border credit scoring to enable lenders to assess creditworthiness based on up-to-date transactional info.

Spense revolutionizes the automotive industry through a flexible payment solution with a first-class customer experience.

Two is delivering a B2B payments solution to ease the B2B purchasing journey and help merchants provide trade credit, BNPL.


Freerange Lamas has a virtual card that splits bills, it auto-splits each transaction and debits everyone’s share directly from their bank accounts.

Mifundo has an AI-based platform which makes cross-border lending possible for the banks and consumers in EU.

Solid World scales carbon financing through diversified and derisked pools is infrastructure for web3 connecting banks, crypto exchanges, licenses, multiple Blockchains and verifications.


AMLYZE is a RegTech start-u providing a fully integrated suite of products to support fintechs, neo-banks, virtual asset.

The financial technology industry is undergoing a transformational shift, and the companies above are at the forefront of this revolution. From AI-based platforms for cross-border lending and virtual cards that split bills, to flexible payment solutions and customizable onboarding software, these companies are revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses manage their finances. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, these Nordic and Baltic startups are at the forefront of financial innovation, offering accessible and personalized financial products and services to customers across Europe and beyond.

“I am excited to see the innovation and disruption that these fintech companies are bringing to the industry. They are pushing the boundaries of traditional banking and payment methods, and their solutions are addressing the changing needs and expectations of consumers. At Mastercard, we are committed to collaborating with these companies to bring new, secure, and innovative payment solutions to consumers, merchants, and businesses. Together, we can create a more inclusive, connected, and sustainable financial ecosystem. The Lighthouse program is continuously showing us how innovative the Nordic and Baltic regions are. We want to do our part in strengthening the ecosystem through open innovation platforms such as Mastercard Lighthouse.”
Mats Taraldsson
Mats Taraldsson
Head of Innovation, Fintech and impact-tech Engagement, Mastercard Nordic and Baltic

Mastercard Lighthouse remains a competitive program for startups and scaleups.  This fall, over 100 companies applied for the spring term of the program. As part of their applications each company has proposed partnership scenarios with Mastercard and/or our banking and tech partners. Twenty-two shortlisted FINITIV applicants were invited to pitch their solutions and partnership intentions to Mastercard and its banking and tech partners prior to the selection of the final class.

The companies admitted to the program will have the opportunity to have a dialog and potentially partner with major banks in Denmark, Norway, and the Baltic markets, which would enable them to scale and grow their businesses. Through collaboration between banks and fintechs, Mastercard aims to drive innovation and create new solutions that can help businesses and individuals navigate and prosper in the current economic climate.

“As a banking partner for the Mastercard Lighthouse program, we look forward to exploring synergies and bringing more value to our clients through collaborations with innovative fintechs. In the past programs we have seen how these collaborations can bring new perspectives, expertise, and technologies that can enhance our offerings and ultimately benefit our clients.”

Erlend Nitter-Hauge
Senior Strategic Partnership Manager at DNB

During the program, admitted program participants will be able to present their solutions and discuss possible collaboration areas with Mastercard, SEB, Swedbank, Danske Bank and DNB in a 1 on 1 setting. Mid-program, companies will be matched with relevant investors from the Lighthouse Investor Circle, a group of 80+ investors covering Europe, the UK and North America. Additionally, the companies will meet growth advisors such as AWS, Fintech Mundi and Invenio Growth. The program also facilitates meetings with various Mastercard stakeholder, including Marketing and Communication teams for guidance in making their story and messaging clear and enticing, as well as to optimize media exposure during and after the program.

Press contact:

Frida Almgren, Communications Mastercard Nordics & Baltics

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