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Our goal is bold. To futureproof the planet.

Doconomy was founded in the strong conviction that change is possible.
That the climate crisis is real and has to be battled.
That people are keen to take action for a greater good.
That the only way forward is through innovations and partnerships.

These convictions have been manifested and confirmed again and again over the last 18 months.

Being a part of the Lighthouse Program has been a great experience. We have learned from other start-ups as well from established companies. And they have learned from us. In other words: We have widened and strengthened our network. We’ve found potential partners as well as potential customers. And most importantly, we’ve found new friends.

Together with Mastercard we have designed our B2B-offering and through that work deepened our partnership. The Lighthouse Program helped us making our business model more precise and more comprehensive. The program has played an important role in pushing Doconomy forward.

The competition part of the program was challenging. And inspiring! Next step of the Lighthouse journey will take us into the Mastercard Start Path and where that path will lead us is yet to be seen. One thing is certain, though. We’re gaining speed and moving fast. Thanks to the Lighthouse Program Doconomy is better equipped to keep the pace without losing focus.

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