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Experts and Mastercard Nairobi Lab
joined Lighthouse MASSIV’s
second workshop!

Now, more than ever, there is a global call to think more like a startup. Amidst the pandemic we are facing, it has become increasingly important to come up with creative solutions that aim at disrupting the status-quo and positively impact our day-to-day life.

Last week during our Lighthouse MASSIV Expert Feedback Workshop, we explored new ways to make the best out of a remote workshop experience. We crossed new geographical borders when Mastercard Nairobi Lab joined the program for the first time. They kicked off the day with an inspiring presentation about the ground-breaking solutions they create that positively impact global citizens. Their approach for enabling the de-risk of development and execution of new products and services, suited well with the various impactful products that the MASSIV companies are developing.

Participants from five countries joined us for this remote workshop. Where at the first workshop back in March the companies met with the Advisory Board to establish partnerships and make commitments to deliverables aiming at scaling their companies, the focus for Workshop 2 was different. In last week’s second workshop, the companies met with Experts that provided support on the commitments and on the goals the companies have throughout the program. The purpose was to obtain in-depth advice from experts in the fields of Marketing, Communication, UX Design, Growth, Law, and Engineering.

Before meeting with these Experts, the six MASSIV participants were given the opportunity to pitch their company’s status within the program and explain how they would see this workshop bringing them closer to their goals. Akin to the format of the workshop, the companies met with the experts one-on-one to brainstorm the next steps in their processes, including trials, partnerships, funding, and more. We witnessed gears turning and saw our six spring contestants getting one step closer to the vision of making the world a more prosperous and secure place.

Next to the Experts, Mastercard Nairobi Lab provided five MASSIV companies (Aion Sigma, Hiveonline,, Red Flash and Desert Control) with opportunities to develop or scale their business and enlarge their networks. We look forward to what the program will bring the MASSIV companies in the weeks to come and are confident they will generate the same outflow of creativity and innovation as the past workshops!

Special thanks to our MASSIV Experts:
Annika Kristersson & Jessica Ståhlbom (Mastercard Marketing & Communications); Susanne Hannestad (Fintech Mundi); Anette Trulsson Corda (Western Union – Nordics); Marie Friman & Henrik Elvingsson (Apiori Law); Simon Engelbrecht (Skarp); Johan Wendt (IRRIOT AB), and Melanie Rideout (Engineers Without Borders)

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