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More about Lighthouse Massiv

Why Lighthouse Massiv

MASSIV enacts Lighthouse’s vision of making and scaling social impact. Since its founding in 2017, the Lighthouse Program has invested time and resources into social impact initiatives. With MASSIV, we’re making that investment even bigger. We’re a partnership-focused accelerator, and we’re looking for the most ambitious companies who want to scale their social impact via partnerships.

Lighthouse MASSIV is an open innovation program that combines proven elements from the Lighthouse Program with design thinking. Lighthouse is Mastercard’s open innovation initiative dedicated to creating partnerships between fintechs and banks. The program facilitates collaboration, helping incumbent players bring fintech innovation to the market. Lighthouse MASSIV combines this unique approach to incentive management with the design thinking methodology, a proven framework for building and refining ideas with the help of expert input.

MASSIV’s vision is to become an “impact unicorn” factory that helps more than 1B people though products and partnerships. At its core, MASSIV is an open innovation program like Lighthouse, which means that it works by helping companies partner with strong ecosystem players to deliver tangible results.

— Mats Taraldsson, Head of Digital Business Development and Fintech Engagement, Mastercard

Lighthouse Massiv values

Sustainable Development Goals. MASSIV is a partnership powered program that uses open problem solving, accountability & competition to make and scale solutions to the UN’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Partnerships. Everything that Lighthouse  MASSIV does is aimed at creating lasting, commercially sustainable partnerships that benefit the world.


Local Force for Good. MASSIV, a branch of the Lighthouse Program, is a local force for good initiative with the vision to help 1B+ people live more prosperous & secure lives by 2024.

Ongoing Support. To achieve lasting impact, we need to provide continued accountability and support. By leveraging the power of partnerships, including access to community,  accountability and other resources.

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