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The Program

Lighthouse Massiv

Reasons to join

  • Partnership potential with key players in the ecosystem
  • Free consultation from attorneys to growth advisors
  • Personal introductions to investors
  • Credibility of being part of a Mastercard program
  • All-expense-paid stage time at industry events for program finalists
  • Winner receives a sponsored pitch invitation to one of Mastercard Global programs

Program overview

MASSIV wants to help teams make and scale the highest levels of social impact through the format of long-term partnerships. By providing teams with competitive incentives and preferential access to partner resources, MASSIV can increase team output. MASSIV will thus be designed as a three-stage competition. The winner at each stage will be the team that demonstrates the potential to impact the most people via partnership.


our selection criteria

MASSIV is a partnership powered program that uses open problem solving, accountability & competition to make and scale solutions to the UN’ Sustainable Development Goals.


You’re a fit if you’re “partnership ready,” working on a relevant product space and have the desire to meet us in Copenhagen.


The MASSIV team will lead recruiting efforts that target companies working on inclusive sustainability initiatives.


Three or more full time team members


Start-ups that are based in the Nordics or that can join us in Copenhagen, where the 2020 Spring program will take place.

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