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Our world isn’t big enough

Today, growth isn’t sustainable or inclusive by default. Some can thrive without the rest following suit. Certain opportunities still have zip codes. Climate risk still threatens the globe. Today’s growth leaves many wanting.

It’s time to invest more

At this moment, it’s critical for those with influence to invest on behalf of all. That’s why the Lighthouse  is committed to making commercially sustainable social impact the new paradigm for business as usual. When the whole world thrives, businesses do too.

Open to all teams

Lighthouse MASSIV applications are now open to passionate teams in the Nordics and Baltics. While we will focus on fully functional teams from legal entities that can enter partnerships with other participants in the program. Whether you are a product team within a large company or a newly-formed startup, we encourage you to register.

– Deadline February 14 –

MASSIV’s vision

MASSIV enacts Lighthouse’s vision of making and scaling social impact. Since its founding in 2017, the Lighthouse Program has invested time and resources into social impact initiatives. With MASSIV, we’re making that investment even bigger. As part of the Lighthouse Program, MASSIV’s vision is to become an “impact unicorn” factory that makes and scales social impact for more than 1B people by 2024. We’re a partnership-focused accelerator, and we’re looking for the most ambitious companies who want to scale their social impact via partnerships.

Two proven methods

Lighthouse MASSIV is an open innovation program that combines proven elements from the Lighthouse Program with design thinking. Lighthouse is Mastercard’s open innovation initiative dedicated to creating partnerships between fintechs and banks. The program facilitates collaboration, helping incumbent players bring fintech innovation to the market. Lighthouse MASSIV combines this unique approach to incentive management with the design thinking methodology, a proven framework for building and refining ideas with the help of expert input.

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