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The first edition of Lighthouse MASSIV was a great success! The six spring class companies showed impressive achievements in their missions to make the world a more prosperous and secure place, even though the program was held fully remote with the Covid-19 situation.

On a mission to make the earth green again, Desert Control’s ultimate goal is to directly impact more than 100 million people by laying the foundation to grow food for 1 billion people and sequester 250M tones CO2 through Green Belt initiatives. Through their commitments in the Lighthouse MASSIV program, they are now actively engaging in partnership dialogues with other key stakeholders in climate change efforts – namely the United Nations Great Green Wall initiative, Priceless Planet Coalition, The Nature Conservatory, Gates Foundation, the Africa Tree Fund, TNC, Green Climate Fund, the Global Green Growth institution and many more. Recently, Desert Control’s vision reached more than 500.000 people virtually through their partnership with WeDontHaveTime and the Earth Day Week no-fly conference. During the program from March to June actual fruits and vegetables grew in the desert because of their Liquid Nanoclay product, which is impressive and shows actual social impact during Covid-19. 

Provides a financial services app that connects unbanked women in developing countries to both the internet and a banking system. Their MASSIV journey has been incredible in chasing their goal of establishing a strategic partnership with Mastercard. In dialogue with Mastercard Kenya, Mastercard Labs Kenya and Mastercard Foundation, now has potential to scale its business across the African continent and make a large impact. The commitments from the MASSIV advisory board allowed to connect to the World Economic Forum and UN CDF, two entities that drive policy change for financial inclusion. MASSIV’s advisors also opened the door to equity banks, Grow Movement, and a large international NGO in Kenya, which enabled to start partnership dialogues about entering their second market and thereby reach up to 278,000 new users. Partnering with MASSIV participant Aion Sigma, created a win-win situation where Aion Sigma gets access to new customers and access to smartphones. Together they partnered with Monty Mobile and got introduced to Equity Bank, MobilePay & June. 

Offers sustainability reporting software to SMEs, large corporations, and private equity firms around the world, helping companies who are seeking to improve how they measure their sustainability. Throughout the MASSIV program, Normative has partnered with Tradeshifta leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces. Building an app on top of the Tradeshift platform and integrating climate calculations with procurement processes will be a game changer since ~70-90% of most companies’ emissions are in the supply chain. Thanks to MASSIV, Normative now contributes to Exponential Roadmap Business playbook, which guides companies of all sizes to take actions which slow global warming and follow the UN’s 1.5°C goal. By participating with the UN and the Exponential Roadmap initiative, Normative can potentially impact 20 million SMEs.  

Helps micro-businesses reach credit and market opportunities with a reputation score based on their behaviour. With a blockchain base and a lightweight web app, groups can use the service with very limited connectivity. Participating in the Lighthouse MASSIV program has allowed Hiveonline to build a relationship with the Mastercard Farmer Network in Kenya via Mastercard Nairobi Labs. In addition to their partnerships in Niger and Mozambique, they now have six ongoing conversations for funding and developing partnerships in 4 new countries across Africa. They are also currently developing their partnership with KaiOs which enables Hiveonline to grow and reach millions of new rural customers who don’t have access to smartphones. 

Is a Govtech startup that provides a tech platform to governments in Sub-Saharan Africa for micro-taxation of the informal sector. Within the MASSIV program Red Flash signed a partnership with Silicon Capital, a division of the South African Capital Software Group, to expand their business on the African continent. On top of that, they extended their solution with a new payment option which now covers ‘social cash’ transfers. Additionally, Red Flash benefits from MASSIV on the funding side as they have already received a €1.1 million investment offer. New funding will help Red Flash in their mission to drive the digitization of the informal sector in emerging markets, thereby making cities more financially sustainable, transparent, and data driven. 

Leases smartphones to African consumers and SMEs who do not have prior internet or credit history and cannot afford or lease smartphones. Through Lighthouse MASSIV, Aion Sigma partnered with Afrifarms Cooperative Credit Union in Cameroon and together launched the incredible smartphones4good initiative, where people and corporations donate their out-of-use smartphones to directly help female entrepreneurs in Africa. Via one of MASSIV’s Advisors, Aion Sigma participated in the EU Commission’s EUvsVirus hackathon and won the category of ‘Digital finance – support for digitally excluded’. The hackathon had 2150 initiatives and 20900 participants. The MASSIV advisors were pivotal in supporting the storytelling that won the hackathon. The program supported Aion Sigma to reach the One Initiative top 50 of Impact startups in the Nordics.  

We at Lighthouse truly believe that all participating companies should benefit from our program. More than 20 partnership dialogues in total with the above results show how the MASSIV companies have established both long-term partnerships and secured opportunities to scale globally! 

For the Fall edition starting in September, we are looking for companies in the Nordics & Baltics like the ones above who are ready to scale and want to grow their business via partnerships. Do you know or run a social impact company that should participate If so, apply before August 7th ! 

Apply here!

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